Brexit is Happening

I thought cooler heads would prevail in the end, which is the kind of mentality I think a lot of us in the US have right now with our upcoming shit show of an election coming up in November, and that Brexit wouldn’t happen.

The EU just said, ‘Fine, fucking go already then.

David Cameron is out.

Trump is especially happy about this because he’s also singing that old standard [fill in name of country] FIRST!

And Charles Stross on what this means:

What happens to England and Wales now?

Short version: economic turmoil caused by the uncertainty. An upswing in right-wing xenophobia as the utterly odious crypto-fascist Nigel Farage makes hay while the Sun shines on his project. Divorce negotiations …the Brexiters have been selling a lie; that they’d get a no-fault divorce and keep the house. Reality is somewhat less convenient and Brussels has no alternative but to play hardball if it is to deter other loosely-bound members from following England’s example. Most likely England will end up losing the house, the CD collection, and the cat and having to sleep in the car. For example, the biggest chunk of the UK economy today is the banking sector, and London is the global number one market for euro-denominated derivatives trading. But London, as a non-euro zone market, is only allowed to trade in euros because it’s the capital of an EU member state. A London that is out in the cold will lose that business. Expect much of the British financial sector to decamp to Frankfurt, Paris, and Brussels. And there will be other ghastly economic consequences; if the UK is allowed to get it’s no-fault divorce, when why should Greece put up with the Troika’s demands?


  1. All political careers end in failure

    So said Enoch Powell, who also railed against, what was by Nigel Farage’s standards, quite modest immigration. In his day, numbers in the region of 50,000 a year represented a threat to the dominance of the ‘white man’.

    What he would have made of 330,000 a year is anybody’s guess. Foaming at the mouth perhaps. In much the same vein modern brexit supporters, traditionally labour, traditionally conservative with a small ‘C’, have raved and ranted till they got their way.

    They have been swayed by the rich who want deregulation. Tired of working time directives, human rights, employment tribunals and the like, the rich bought newspapers and politicians, academics and opinion makers to represent them and they cast a long shadow.

    There never was a debate in the UK, one side had already been programmed by a stream of lies in the media to resent and eventually hate, the EU. Were it not for the murder of Joe Cox, one could say it was of little consequence to which groups people belonged.

    Yet now, they have their way. The UK, such as it was, by one million votes, has decided to leave the EU. It may cease to be a united kingdom for long. Scotland is weighing a second independence vote and Northern Ireland may too.

    It can all be laid at the door of the Prime Minister David Cameron. His failure is the same as that of all politicians. Like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair before him, it is the hubris of gambling with people’s lives that single them out for such failure.

    His voice breaking as he announced his resignation outside Number 10 Downing Street, he could be seen to have misjudged his own abilities of persuasion. His judgement: that he was right to offer a referendum; has been proved wrong by his subsequent support of the status quo.

    He had batted away electoral reform in a previous referendum, consigning the Liberal agenda to the waste paper basket, but this time the very people who supported him in the General Election were keen to express their contempt for foreigners.

    How could he have been so arrogant as to imagine he could bat away again the very forces that elected him? It’s simple really. The clue comes from another Conservative: Boris Johnson; who when asked, disingenuously offered that he was in favour of immigration and did himself come from immigrant stock. Somewhat deceptive considering that this stock was related to George III and not a more lowly refugee. Smoothing over lies goes with the job and what could be more of a lie than telling people that they can vote, but only if they say yes?

    For the dust to settle and the new regime to enact change, the old must be swept away. Cameron, Osbourne, most of the cabinet, will have to go. They will be replaced by a new breed of liar. This time they will tell us how lucky we are, as employment falls. How grateful we should be, as inflation rises. How bright the future is, amid stagflation.

    They in turn will have their arrogance turned against them. It is for the future to paint the scene of their disgrace and somewhere in the annuls of dreary textbooks will be a footnote to this chapter: that the Prime Minister bet the farm on his smarmy pleas to ignore his own MP’s and lost.

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