This looks like it’s really going to go down to the wire. As an American who has no vote and probably a minimum grasp at all the complexities that go along on both sides, I would fathom that leaving the EU would be a huge mistake. And I’m a bit worried because a majority of the leave side seems to be of similar thinking of Americans who can’t wait to vote for Trump. We’re living in scary times.


  1. Unfortunately I think you nailed it, I am afraid the world economy is going to go further south if they exit. And Trump supports an exit.

  2. Scary times indeed.
    200 billion wiped off UK stocks so far,
    growth, employment, inflation, all ignored.
    For years billionaires bought newspapers and politicians to make their case, just as they have in the US.
    For them it’s about deregulation.
    For the average joe, this is about race.
    If this can happen here, Trump can win in the US.

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