MoveOn To Sanders: ‘Undemocratic Superdelegates’ Can’t Overturn Voters

Yeah, it’s over Bernie.

One of the largest advocacy groups to endorse Bernie Sanders on Wednesday gently nudged the Vermont senator toward the exit, arguing that the Democratic nomination can’t be won on the backs of “undemocratic superdelegates.”

The liberal group suggested in a statement that Hillary Clinton fairly earned the Democratic nomination after Tuesday’s primaries by clinching a majority of pledged delegates.

“MoveOn members believe, as we have long advocated, that the nomination should go to the winner of the majority of pledged delegates, and that undemocratic superdelegates should not overturn the will of the voters,” MoveOn Political Action’s Executive Director, Ilya Sheyman, said in the statement.

Sanders won MoveOn’s endorsement in January with over 78 percent of the 340,665 votes cast by the group’s members.