The AP Explains Why They Concluded that Clinton is the Democratic Nominee

They used an advanced algorithm called counting:

AP concluded that Hillary Clinton had enough delegates to clinch the nomination after a painstaking but very straightforward exercise.

We counted.

By Monday evening, 571 superdelegates had told us unequivocally that they intend to vote for Clinton at the convention. Adding that number to the delegates awarded to Clinton in primary and caucus voting to date gave her the number needed to be the presumptive nominee.

That is news, and reporting the news is what we do.


  1. But they don’t actually vote until the convention. Reporting on anonymous “unequivocal” assurances almost certainly had an effect on voter behavior. It was unnecessary and, in my opinion, a breach of journalistic ethics to “report” in a way that would likely tip the scales in a particular candidates favor. There are good arguments that reporting polling data, at all, at any point during the election is unethical. There report was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Oh and the super delegates and the whole DNC can shove it. I’ll vote for Jill Stein, but I’m almost tempted to vote for trump just to hasten the system’s downfall. Fuck these elitist punks.

    1. Yeah, how dare they call it for Hillary when she is only winning in states won, delegates awarded, super delegates and popular vote. How dare the super delegates lean toward Clinton when you really, really, really wanted Sanders.

      1. That’s fine. But there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that I’ll vote for that war criminal. I might as well be voting for Cheney. Good luck in November.

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