1. He’s building a wall. And, it’s going to be the best wall. Wait until you see this wall. I know this guy, smart guy, and he made a lot of money, and he said it’s going to be the best wall you could ever make. And Yuge!

  1. Part of trump’s appeal, I imagine, is that he never feels like he’s lost an argument, and that confidence is visible to the audience. Some people must come away from this video thinking, “Wow, trump didn’t give any ground. Every time Tapper made a point, trump had something to throw right back at him. What a sharp guy.” Plus, if you’re dumb enough to disregard the point of Tapper’s line of questioning, you’re probably only smart enough to latch onto lines like “she’s a stiff” and “here’s a woman that should be put in jail.”

    I wonder about the Clinton/trump debates. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of her, she’ll have so much more knowledge at her fingertips than he will, but is there a way of making him settle into anything resembling a policy discussion? Or will it just be 90 minutes of trump steamrolling?

  2. Twas thus with Dubya as well. People liked that he spoke his mind and was “resolute”. There are a lot of people that put value into a leader that doesn’t bother considering other opinions/viewpoints. They don’t want a leader who may reconsider their own stances on issues. Bull-headedness is a viable trait for presidential nominees these days.

  3. One thing that’s fascinating about Trump on video is that the compression algorithm that makes streaming video possible blurs his hair into a fuzzy mass just above his right eye. The cheeks, too, but it’s like his hair is a suspect on a cop reality show whose identity can’t be shown. Look for yourself. After a while it’s all you can see.

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