1. You always will… But that’s the best thing you can hope for, in my opinion, since it means you haven’t forgotten all the wonderful memories. No one wants to forget a dear friend.

  2. What a lovely picture.

    My daughter had to put her cat to sleep about the same time you lost Cyni-Kitty. My heart is sore for both of you.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Sarah. My condolences to your daughter. It’s a horrible thing. I’m consoled a bit by knowing that he was always loved and we never took a day with him for granted.

  3. I feel your pain. After putting my cat down in March, I thought the hardest part would be seeing her food dish, getting the plaster casting of her paws, etc… but it’s been the little things.

    I paint as a hobby, and after preparing a canvas with gesso, flat on the floor, I would be very careful to put it on a shelf to dry so she didn’t walk on it. The first time I did this after her passing, I stood up and realized, “I can just leave this here.”

    That was tough.

    1. Over the years I’ve always had multiple cats. One time when one of them passed, the next morning while feeding the others I put out a bowl for him too without thinking about it, just out of habit. Things like that make it hard.

    2. Yep. Ben, it’s the normal stuff that was annoying even while they were alive that you start to miss when they’re gone. For me, he loved laying down in my chair meaning I always had to make sure he wasn’t there so I didn’t sit on him. I keep doing that now. So every single time I go to sit down I get that jolt that he’s no longer around.

  4. Ah, Chris, I’ve been where you are now. It’s hard getting used to a new reality, and seeing the empty spaces that our pets once occupied, and wanting so much for them to be there. When our last cat passed away after being with us for 18 years, I kept thinking I saw her out of the corner of my eye, just disappearing around the corner. And since she slept on my pillow every night, it was months before I had a decent night’s sleep again.

    Hang in there, friend; our hearts are with you.

  5. It’s been nearly two years since Gromit T. Cat passed and only recently have I mustered the courage to even touch another cat. It’s rough.

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