Thank You So Much Everybody

I just want to thank everybody for their condolences. It has been a difficult time since we lost our buddy. We keep expecting to get some of his attitude as he yells at us for not feeding him fast enough or some other form of cat rule that we had so ignorantly broken.

Your words mean a lot and it helps. I know this blog isn’t as active as it was years ago but I’m really glad I came back to blogging.

Especially since we may have an impending Trump presidency and religious fanatics are still as crazy as fuck. (Seriously, wtf is the big deal with bathrooms now. Is this really a dire issue?)

I’ll be blogging sporadically for the next few days and then we’re taking a trip to Montreal (J’ai besoin de pratiquer mon français!).


  1. Bonjour Chris,

    Tu es chanceux, il annonce un temps magnifique à Montréal pour les prochains jours et les feuilles dans les arbres viennent tout juste de sortir!
    Mes condoléances pour ton chat…

  2. Je nes parley pas Francois, or something like that. That one useful phrase is about all I remember. I’m curious, how did you learn French; Rosetta Stone?

    1. Duolingo, a french textbook (both together were important because Duolingo doesn’t explain it that well sometimes) and a lot of french podcasts.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Been reading your blog for almost a decade now. Condolences on your pet’s death. I have a similar cat (black with a white “papillon”) and even though she hates and ignores me most of the time, I love her to death.

    I hope you keep blogging!

  4. When Gromit T. Cat passed… I still find myself catching a glimpse of gray out of the corner of my eye every now and again. It’s been almost two years and I’m still not ready to be owned by another feline.

  5. I just read the news about Cynikitty, and I am so sorry. I have no words that can help or make anything better. I can only send my condolences… hoping you find some peace in knowing how well the Cynikitty was loved and adored.

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