Rest in Peace Cynikitty

We had to put Cynikitty to sleep today. It was a painful decision but his kidneys were failing. The vet had given him some subcutaneous fluids on Friday night to see if that would help. It did for a bit. Just long enough for Mrs. C to get back from a trip. By last night we had to bring him broth to his bed for him to take any and by this morning he had stopped eating altogether.

He was a wonderful pet and companion. He would jump in my lap every night as I read. But it had to be his idea. Once when I was getting ready to read, I picked him up and put him in my lap and he jumped down immediately, walked around the coffee table, and then jumped into my lap. He wanted to be up there but it had to be his idea. Such a cat.

Rest in peace my friend. You will be missed.


  1. Longtime lurker. Sorry for your loss. Lost a dear, four-legged friend too recently. Helps to hug your other loved ones closer for a bit.

  2. Is there an abbreviation for ‘moaned out loud”? I moaned out loud. Poor Kitty. Poor you all. I know you and he spent some wonderful years together. Very sorry for the pain.

  3. I’m so sorry for you all…. Thank you for sharing all the fun photos of him over the years – he will be missed.

  4. Looks very much like a kitty we had for 18-1/2 years. That last trip to the vet’s is–not describable. Condolences.

  5. You know it’s not a permanent thing when you bring a pet into your life, but man it hurts when they go. How you do miss ’em. I’ll scratch our little Vindaloo’s chin in memory of Cynikitty when I get home tonight. Best I can do.

  6. So, so sorry! I’ve lost several cats to kidney failure (it’s surprisingly more common than expected) and I know how hard it is to experience. He lived a full, loved life.

  7. awe man i’m so sorry to hear that. I lost my Sebastian a few years ago to renal failure. It was horrible. He was only 12. I got one kitty left and she better live forever at this point.

  8. I’m so sorry you lost him, Chris. He was a gorgeous cat and it was always good to see a photo of him. I hate it when animals age and we have to make the decisions that are the kindest but are the worst to make. My sympathies to you and Mrs. C.

  9. I’m so sorry. He was a beautiful, unique cat, and we’ll miss him though not as much as you will. You did the right thing. I know a man who pushed the vet to keep his cat with kidney failure alive with extraordinary measures, and the vet fired him. Cynikitty didn’t suffer, and was loved until the end.

  10. My condolences to you and the thought brings a tear to my eye about my furry friend who I always look forward to seeing each weekend.

  11. Really sucks. I had to put the family cat to sleep several years ago for the same reason – kidneys. He stopped eating altogether, and we resorted to using a food syringe to force food into him. He was so sick by the end that he could barely move. It was terrible.

    And the irony is, his sister is still alive at 16 years old, with virtually no health problems. The luck of the genetic draw.

    1. And the thing is, people who don’t have pets don’t quite understand why you are grieving over “a pet”. So you almost have to tiptioe around with your mourning.

      1. I know what you mean Chris…I had my cat Hazel for 21 years and when she finally passed there were some of my friends who just couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I actually had a friend tell me “It’s just a cat.” Oooof…

        Sorry for your loss Chris

  12. I know how hard this is. Losing anyone you love is a blow. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cat with your mostly anonymous online family.

  13. My condolences to you and Mrs. C, Chris. I’ve enjoyed your Cynikitty posts over the years and will miss him myself, so I can only imagine how you both feel.

    My family has a 20 year old cat (or rather she has us). We enjoy her antics as she orders food to be delivered and doors to be opened, knowing that we do not have much time left together.

    Take care of yourselves. And thanks for sharing Cynikitty with all of us!

  14. Oh, Chris, I just saw this. I’m so, so sorry to see that your beautiful cat is no longer with you. I know how much it hurts; I, too, have had to say farewell to beloved beasts who had to leave me much too soon. I think the fact that they take a part of us with them when they leave is the reason it hurts so much. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous friend with us all these years; I will miss him. Godspeed, Cynikitty.

  15. I’m so sorry. Cynikitty was beautiful and sounds like such a cat indeed. You’re so right – people who don’t have pets don’t understand it. We lost our cat late last year and it was just devastating, complicated by that people often don’t really get the depths of grief a pet loss can take you to. I read here regularly long, long ago and feel like I’ve “known” Cynikitty for a decade. I hope your week vacation brings you peace.

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