Clinton reaps donations after Benghazi appearance


Hillary Clinton has already reaped one tangible benefit from her 11-hour Benghazi testimony: cold hard campaign cash.
Clinton’s director of communications, Jennifer Palmieri, told a gaggle of reporters after her boss’s speech to a Democratic National Committee women’s forum Friday morning that Clinton had her best hour of online fundraising during the entire campaign so far. The record money poured in between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Thursday, just after the daylong hearing on the 2012 Benghazi attacks had ended, Palmieri said.

“People were apparently paying attention and were moved by it [the Benghazi hearing],” Palmieri said, without specifying a dollar figure for the amount of money raised.

Asked whether the Clinton campaign team had been using the former secretary of State’s Benghazi testimony to solicit cash on Thursday night, Palmieri said it had not.

Weird Al Performs ‘Tacky’ While Being Filmed Walking to the Stage for Every Show

Between May 12 and Oct. 9, 2015, my band and I performed 112 concerts as part of our Mandatory World Tour, and almost every show started out with a performance of my song “Tacky.” As the audience watched on a giant LED screen, a camera crew would follow me as I sang the song, starting from some point outside (or deep within) the venue and eventually winding up on stage. It was always fun for us, because obviously the venues were different every night and every performance of the song was unique. We recorded about half of these performances, and I’ve spent the last few days editing together this little memento

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Pretty Much

I’ve seen this going around the internet today and, yeah, I agree. Although I really think the Teabaggers just outstupided themselves on this one. During election season when candidates will do just about ANYTHING for airtime, they just gave an entire day of news to Clinton giving her the opportunity to stand up, and look fairly presidential, against a crowd of people desperately looking to discredit her for anything.

During a day when one top GOP candidate was saying an invisible man is helping his candidacy while the other is Twitter bashing an important primary state, Hillary was looking pretty damn strong.

There’s now a $1-a-pill competitor to pharma CEO Martin Shkreli’s $750-a-pill drug

From Business Insider:

Almost a month after word got out that drug-company CEO Martin Shkreli had jacked up the price of a critical drug by more than 5,000%, a different kind of pharma company has stepped up to provide a cheaper alternative.

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, a compounding pharmaceutical company, announced Thursday that it is now providing a customizable formulation to compete with Daraprim, a drug used to treat a parasitic infection called toxoplasmosis in people with compromised immune systems.

Shkreli jacked up the cost of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 a pill seemingly overnight.