Letter of the Day

Parents don’t owe daughter a free wedding: Ethically speaking:

My brother went to university for four years; my parents paid much of the cost, to the tune of about $40,000. A few years later, he got married; they had a small, private ceremony, and my parents paid five grand for the dinner. I skipped university and became a cosmetician; I’ve been successful and now run my own business. I plan to get married next year; we have lots of friends, and the reception will cost about $25,000. I’ve asked my parents to pay for it, arguing that, seeing they didn’t have to pay for my university, the amount is quite reasonable. They’re refusing, saying that the decision to skip university was mine; they’re offering the same $5,000 they gave my brother. Now we’re not speaking to each other. Who’s wrong?

You are. 101 per cent.

I want you to think back, waaaaay back, to when you were six. Mommy made a lovely supper: meat loaf, potatoes, and peas. Peas?!? Yuck! No way you were going to eat peas — they were green and squishy; they were gross. But your brother, the big suck, ate all of his — every last one. Mommy was very pleased with him, ticked off with you.

Then it was time for dessert. Mommy — being a wise woman who refused to use food as punishment — served you each an equal portion of yummy chocolate cake. But you weren’t satisfied, were you? “Wait,” you chimed belligerently, “I deserve TWO pieces of cake!” “What?” replied your bewildered mother. “Well,” you explained with precocious eloquence, “you didn’t have to spend money on peas, so I should get more cake to even things up!”

Remember? Of course you don’t — because you weren’t that stupid back when you were six. You didn’t deserve dessert at all, so were darned glad to get that cake and knew better than to complain.

So why are you being so dumb now?

Ben Carson Says Holocaust Would Not Have Happened If Jews Were Armed

I can’t go a day right now without reading something completely idiotic that has fallen out of this guy’s mouth.

This comes a few days after he proudly announced that if he had been in a classroom where someone had a gun, he would charged the gunman. Which is a very easy statement to make when you’re not anywhere near a person with a gun. Nobody really knows how they’ll react in a situation like that until you are actually in that situation.

But wait, Ben Carson has admitted being held up by a gunman before. So did he charge the gunman? Fight him off in any way?

“Guy comes in, put the gun in my ribs, and I just said, ‘I believe that you want the guy behind the counter,'” Carson said on Sirius XM Radio on Wednesday. “I redirected him.”

Of course, this is also the same guy who has compared Obamacare to slavery, thinks that prison causes people to become homosexual, and was fingered by god to run for president.