1. The more I think about this clock story, weirder it gets:

    – If they were reasonably certain the clock was a bomb, why did they keep it with Ahmed and did not evacuate the school? If they weren’t, why did they arrest and slap handcuffs on him?

    – if the video in the article is accurate and the invention was just transplanting the inner workings of a commercial clock to a different case, we still don’t have much context as to why he did that. Trying to impress a teacher or cause a ruckus at school are both things I can see a boy his age doing without particularly thinking of the consequences.

    It seems like the authorities wanted to make an example of a kid who was trying to impress a teacher with something that isn’t as advanced as advertised.

    If Ahmed wants to be an engineer I hope he goes to a school that will teach and challenge him more than the last one.

    Regarding Dawkins, I don’t think his problem was that he was confusing “‘truth’ with ‘obsessive and unnecessary dedication to accuracy’” as much as he was inferring motives he wasn’t in a position to make with any certainty. Besides his certainty that Islam is bad news.

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