Jesus is in a Molar


Getting dental X-rays turned out to be a religious experience for a woman in Flagstaff, Arizona.

When Kym Ackerman, 32, went in for her regular dental check-up on March 25, the hygienist didn’t find any cavities, but they did see something else: The image of Jesus in one her left-side molars.

“At my dentist, the computer shows the X-rays as soon as they are taken,” Ackerman told The Huffington Post. “I said to the hygienist, ‘That looks crazy! Do you see I what I see?”

I love the dentist’s reaction:

The dentist wasn’t as impressed.

“He was very serious,” Ackerman said. “He looked at it, said, ‘Oh yeah, I see it,’ and started looking at my teeth,” she said. “He wasn’t as excited as we were.”

  • “Yeah, great. Wonderful. So why haven’t you and Jesus been flossing?”

  • Mike K.

    I wonder what’s on her ribs.

  • Dale

    Smile, Jesus loves you.

  • Ninabi

    If she thinks Jesus is in her enamel, I’m pretty sure that isn’t a “wisdom” tooth.