The Boston Marathon Bombers’ Hostage’s Account of His Night Being Carjacked by the Brothers

Dun Meng’s account of him being held hostage before escaping is just simply riveting:

If Dun Meng wasn’t so dang responsible, he would have never fallen into the clutches of the Tsarnaev brothers, four days after they bombed the Boston Marathon finish line.

But if he wasn’t so resourceful, the brothers would have gone on to do worse.

He had had a long day at the office, so he climbed into his Mercedes-Benz ML350 SUV and drove along the Charles River to relax. He had turned left, over the BU Bridge, into Boston, and headed onto Brighton Avenue when a friend texted him.

Rather than do what just about everybody else would do — text while driving — 28-year-old Dun Meng pulled over.

“I’m a transportation engineer, so I feel it’s unsafe,” Dun Meng replied.

Almost as soon as he pulled over, a green sedan stopped right behind him. He thought it was odd how fast it showed up.

A guy got out of the passenger side and approached Dun Meng’s passenger side. Dun Meng figured he wanted directions, so he rolled down the window.

It was Tamerlan Tsarnaev, just minutes after he had assassinated MIT Police Officer Sean Collier. He reached in through the window, opened the door and jumped right in the passenger seat.

“He pointed the gun to me,” Dun Meng said. “Right to my head.”

This link from LiveLeak has the video of his escape and the 911 call made after it.

Italian police: ‘Isis flag’ was jacket in tree

Glad to see nobody is freaking out about this whole ISIS thing:

Police were called to an apartment block in Porto Recanati, on Italy’s eastern coast, after locals raised the alarm that an Isis sympathizer may be within their midst.

The officers searched the building and questioned residents, but were unable to recover the mystery black cloth spotted hanging from a tree next to the apartment block.

On further investigation police discovered that the supposed propaganda tool was nothing more than a jacket, swept into the trees after being hung out to dry, Corriere della Sera reported on Wednesday.