The Walking Dead Update

I’m a few episodes into Season 5 and it’s starting to look like a reunion of The Wire. But I’m enjoying it. It’s not the smartest show on tv (The characters make really poor horror movie logic based decisions sometimes) but it’s good post-apocalyptic zombie infested fun.

Are the comics better, worse or the same?


  1. The two most recent episodes have been, to me, pretty interesting and funny. I think the show needs a little more light-hearted scenes. The show is taking an interesting twist, even if it’s doing so in a way that is well below Breaking Bad quality.

    1. I can’t think of too many shows that are anywhere close to Breaking Bad quality though. I started enjoying TWD more when I gave up on it to be anything in that realm and just took it for what it was.

  2. The comics are different the plotlines are sometimes similar but the comics are darker. I enjoy both, the comics have a slight preference. But you got some catching up to do, there are already 137 comics out, I think season 5 is starting up too slow for my taste but then I’ve known Alexandria and what happens there from the comics so I’m just holding on, waiting for Lucille to make her appearance …

    1. I agree with you on the comics. They are very dark at times, and carry a theme of hopelessness throughout. Also way more than the show. I only got up through the prison plotline before I had to give them up. Definitely not by choice….I was burning through them waaaayyyy too fast and they were turning into an expensive habit. If I can find the compendiums at a good price in the future, I will most definitely pick them up again.

  3. I actulally like the show better, but I haven’t read all of the comics that are available. When I finish a season, I catch up to that point in the comics. I think the characters are better developed/more likeable in the show (and there are quite a few great characters in the show who aren’t in the comics at all). Plus, I’ve never really subscribed to the darker = better camp, and the comics are definitely darker (if you can even imagine that). The show is depressing enough, thanks!

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