Daylight Saving Time Is America’s Greatest Shame

America’s greatest shame? I would have gone with slavery but I agree that DST sucks:

Daylight Saving Time is the greatest continuing fraud ever perpetuated on American people. And this weekend, the effect of this cruel monster will rear its ugly head again. On Sunday morning, Americans across the country will have to set their clocks back one hour, and next week, the sun will begin its ambling lurch to eventually setting at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Technically-speaking, this sleep cycle-wrecking practice of setting our clocks back is because we will be going back to Standard Time after our flirty summer with DST. And the unsettling shift back to these hours, and the hour “we gain,” is the back-end of the time-bargain we have to pay for setting our clocks forward in March to “maximize daylight”—a phrase probably better suited to organisms that rely on photosynthesis—during the spring and summer hours.

Why we try and “maximize daylight” like we’re plants is actually an archaic practice first thought up in the late 1700s and often attributed to Benjamin Franklin. As some elementary school teacher may have explained to you, this was a practice to accommodate agricultural workers and farmers (wrong, and we’ll get to this in a minute) or lower the nation’s electricity usage.

A lot of that is prime b.s. There is actually no benefit or rhyme or reason we have to endure this weekend’s time shift and no reason we should even be playing with the idea of losing and gaining hours. Here’s why:


  1. DST always makes me chuckle when I see ads for a clock or watch that brag something like, “it’s so accurate, it only loses one second every hundred years.”

    And yet it still has to be reset it as often as my $20.00 Timex from Sears.

  2. Sorry but we have had DST in NZ for about 8 years now and I like it.
    Being able to go for a nice bike in the country, canoe in the estuary, fly model gliders on the hills, Blokart along the beach and many more outdoor activities are a great way to end a day after a long day at work.
    Of course thats when I can get a leave pass from the family 😉

  3. It may be trickery, but I think it is of great benefit for those who prefer to spend their waking hours as much as possible in daylight. If it makes one more productive, and happier, why not?

  4. love daylight savings…. without it the kids would be waking me up before 5am. and being able to do stuff outside in the evenings after work is totally worth the hassle IMHO. besides the increase in mortal danger due to accidents after loosing an hour of sleep is offset by a corresponding reduction by the same percentage when you gain an hours sleep at the end…. net effect is zero (but try telling that to the person who has had an accident after DST starts!)

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