Jerk Parks in Disabled Spot, Gets Mad at the Man Who Points Out her Error

You’ve got a textbook case of asshole right here:
1. Does something clearly wrong? Check
2. Gets mad at somebody else for her “mistake”? Check
3. Points angrily while yelling “Get the camera out of my face? Check
4. Tries to explain why the guy who caught her is the asshole? Check
5. Threatens the guy who caught her with her husband? Check
6. “Do you know who I am?” Check
7. Frequent use of middle finger? Check
8. Calls the other person a jerk after yelling, cursing threatening him? Check
9. Starts yelling at other people in the vicinity who are trying to point out to her the error of her ways? Check
10. Goes to principal to demand her kid be taken out of the school immediately? Check

Bravo good madam! You put on a hell of a show.