1. SWEET MOTHER OF ISIS!!!! ARRRRRRGHHHHGHHHGH indeed! (I also don’t want their water bill… that toilet is running far too much!)

  2. Okay, so what you do is you encase the toilet in cement–don’t be stingy with the cement–and then you throw it into the sun.

    Get a new toilet wrapped in spider netting. That’s like mosquito netting, but for toilet spiders.

      1. Someone on Ravelry (who is a bat handler) was saying that that happened to her mom…but it was a bat, not a spider.

        Spiders don’t bother me…now, moths….put a moth in my toilet and it would be Heart Attack City.

  3. Some kind of emergency “Double-Flush” mechanism needs to be installed to deal with this. What I would have done here is to have a few sheets of bog roll handy to throw in mid flush, in the hope of the spider getting wrapped up and dragged under by the sheet or sheets

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