Fitness Update

I did a post a few years ago (Where the hell does the time go?) about how I made some big dietary changes (gave up soda, fast food, chain restaurants like Chili’s, TGIF, etc) and started exercising regularly. During that time, I had gone from about 250 lbs in 2012 to slightly over 200 in 2013. I remember I was worried about being able to maintain it. I’m happy to say that so far, I’ve been able to keep up exercising and staying away from the fattening food and am currently down to 194 lbs. Here are the obligatory before and after photos:

The difference is quite obvious. In the before picture I’m smiling and someone is taking a picture of me and the after I’m not smiling and I have to resort to taking a selfie.

Some interesting things I’ve found out. There are some foods I just can’t eat at all because they trigger something in my head that makes it difficult to stop eating them. Donuts, fast food, and cake and cupcakes (well, the frosting at least). One cupcake and I’m like Bubbles from the wire looking for another fix. Not sure why this is. I don’t use a calorie counter any longer. I started with LoseIt which worked wonders but now I have a pretty good idea which foods I should just stay away from. Being aware of how many calories were actually in the food I was eating was a pretty good place to start losing.


    1. I haven’t been able to eliminate sugar everywhere. I still put a ton in coffee and that doesn’t seem to make me crave more sweets. Interestingly, I can have good quality chocolates without getting the cravings but if I have cheaper chocolates (hershey, nestle) I want more.

      1. OK, so maybe the sugar hypothesis is too simple. You have, however, identified certain combinations of ingredients that in you trigger behavior that looks compulsive, even addictive. Good work avoiding them!

  1. Congratulations! I used to pride myself on disdaining sugar-filled anything, until I quit drinking, that is. Then I craved sweets like mad (lots of sugar in alcohol). I gained a bunch of weight,lost most of it, and manage to keep the sweet tooth in check. I’m still over my ideal weight by about 20 pounds, but as long as I stay off the sauce, that’s OK.

  2. Congrats! weight loss and maintenance is TOUGH stuff that I have not yet mastered. your willpower, sir, is to be admired by all!

  3. Good job! I can understand with trigger foods, I have to avoid cookies for the most part, especially any fresh homemade types, one is never enough. i’ve gone from 251 in 2013 to under 230 now, goal is 220 as that is my ‘ideal’ weight at 6’5″

  4. Fair play to ye Chris, taking control and sorting that out, must have been quite tough. I can only imagine. That is a serious amount of weight to shed and it needed shedding I’m sure. Keep it up, you’ll be down to the bones in no time 😛

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