De Blasio to end Metzitzah consent forms


The de Blasio administration will do away with the policy that required a mohel to obtain a written consent form from parents before performing Metzitzah B’Peh, the circumcision ritual that involves the mohel sucking blood from the wounded penis.

The city’s health department has for years linked the practice to neonatal herpes, citing four cases in 2014.

But the consent forms, which were put in place in 2012, offended members of certain Orthodox Jewish sects who rejected the link and found the forms to be an impingement on their religious freedom.

During the campaign, Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to address the consent form and find a new way that respected religious freedom.

In exchange for abandoning the consent forms, the coalition of rabbis negotiating with City Hall agreed that if a baby is diagnosed with HSV-1, the community would identify the mohel in question and ask him to undergo testing. If the mohel tests positive for HSV-1, the city’s health department will test the DNA of the strain to see if it matches the infant’s.


  1. Shame on them for even considering what amounts to using their children as a test for herpes.

    How did that negotiation even go?

    “So there’s really no way to find common ground vis-a-vis the consent forms?”

    “No, no: that’s too demeaning. Surely you can’t expect us to accept such an insult to our freedom of religion!?”

    “Okay. Okay. How about this: we do nothing, and fuck it, if a baby gets herpes, just let us know who did it and we’ll make sure he never infects a child. Again. After that one. Somehow.”

    “Yes! You, my friends, have the wisdom of Solomon himself!”


    “What’s wrong? Aren’t we in agreement? Rabbi Schlomo here was just about to leave for his next briss and he’s already applied his cherry chapstick (it’s kind of his signature move and the parents, they appreciate the little touches, you know), so…”

    “About that… Ok, full disclosure: our plan seems to have backfired. We were shooting for a Solomon-type split-the-baby kind of thing? We thought it was a clever way to illustrate how you’re weighing your pride against your children’s health. It sounds like, uh, you’re asking us to ‘split the baby,’ so to speak.”

    “Sure, if that’s what is required: bring it in here and let’s get this over with. Then there’s no need for forms, though, right?”

    “No! We’re not going to- You know what? We’ve been at this for hours and I have to go to the bathroom, so sure, whatever, just sign this and get out of here.”

    “Mazel tov!”

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