1. Season 2 is kind of notorious for being “the boring season” (though, I quite liked it). I think Season 3 is probably the best. Still watching and enjoying the show, now in Season 5, but its themes are getting too bleak for me.

  2. Hi Chris, i’m watching your blog since many years and for some unknown reason this is my first comment 🙂
    the seasons are getting better but all of them are having boring gaps in it, but overall is good and (imo) getting better

  3. I’m really curious to hear what you think as you get further in. I abandoned the show around season 4 (I think) because I couldn’t stand everyone’s stupidity. Making the people smarter wouldn’t remove the drama, but it would make me care about them all a lot more.

    *Season 1 Spoiler!*
    Example, in the first season, they chop up a zombie and smear it’s guts on themselves to walk through a crowd… and it works! So, why aren’t they doing that ALL THE TIME?!?!

    1. **Spoiler season 2 spoiler.
      Yeah, I just finished the episode where they lowered the asian kid down the well as bait for the walker down there……. In what sense was that even remotely an idea????

  4. It does get slightly better (although i found the first half of season 5, severely drawn out and boring). Having read all the comics I was a bit disappointed by the way some of the characters were portrayed. If you want to get into the Walking Dead I wholeheartedly recommend the graphic novels (comics). They’re more serious, darker, real and the characters are more relateable in my opinion

  5. My wife and I have watched every episode. Weirdly, she really likes the show (I think she has a little bit of a crush on Rick). It does get slow and some characters are frustratingly stupid.

  6. Just be careful of which characters you get attached too, Chris. Let’s just say that anyone who is basically morally good does not do well in the Walker World.

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