Putain de merde!

Humiliation in France as it finishes seventh in World Cup of chefs, well behind the U.S.

PARIS — It is considered to have one of the finest cuisines in the world. But France faced gastronomic humiliation after it failed to make the podium on home soil in a global cooking championship.

Norway won this year’s gold medal in the Bocuse d’Or, a contest often described as the World Cup of chefs. France only managed to muster seventh place in the competition in which chefs must “demonstrate creativity, spontaneity and the mastery of their art”.

Rubbing more salt into the wound, America – home of fast food and “le hamburger” – took silver, a historic first, with Sweden clinching the bronze.

It was an undoubted blow to France, home of haute cuisine and the country that has won the contest a record seven times in its 15 editions, including the previous competition in 2013. The French have only ever once failed to make the top three – in 2011 – finishing fourth.