White Guy Assumes Black Guy is Drug Dealer And Pulls Gun on Him

From FoxTwinCities.com:

Demetrius T says he was sitting in his vehicle with a friend negotiating a potential car purchase Sunday evening near the intersection of Sheridan Ave N. and N. 35th Ave. in Minneapolis when he noticed a man taking pictures of them.

With his camera phone rolling, Demetrius (he asked we not use his last name) decided to get out of the car, walk half a block down the street and investigate — only to discover, as he drew close, that the picture-taking man had a gun in his hand.

“You just pulled a gun on me!” Demetrius, 29, can be heard saying in the video. “For no reason at all… that’s crazy, that’s crazy.” (Watch the footage at the top of this post.)

An argument ensued, during which the gun-toting man justifies himself by saying, “We have a lot of drug dealing going on… no one is stereotyping.”

But that explanation didn’t satisfy Demetrius, who replied, “You racially profiled me.”

ISIS Beheads Cigarette Smokers: Islamic State Deems Smoking ‘Slow Suicide’ Under Sharia Law

From International Business Times:

The Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria has long imposed a strict ban on alcohol, cursing, smoking and other acts deemed haram, or sinful. But it seems smoking may be the vice that’s most offensive to ISIS, considering the severed head of an ISIS official that was reportedly found last month in eastern Syria with a cigarette in its mouth. “This is not permissible, Sheikh,” a note attached to the nearby corpse read in Arabic, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

While cigarettes are allowed under Islam, the terror group’s severe interpretation of Sharia law declares smoking as a “slow suicide” and thus forbidden in ISIS-controlled areas. The Islamic State — formerly known as ISIS or ISIL — began imposing radical restrictions last year after overtaking large areas in eastern Syria’s Deir Elzur province, which is adjacent to another stronghold and the group’s de facto capital of Raqqa. ISIS imposed the full-face veil for women and banned music as well as the sale of cigarettes and hookah pipes, noting the “financial and health damages” from smoking, according to Al-Monitor.