1. This movie looks very, very bad. But in defense of this clip, “first edition” can mean the first edition from a specific publisher. If a new translation of the Iliad were first published in say 1910, then the 1910 version of that run would be considered a “first edition.” But don’t let that take away from how truly bad this movie will be.

    1. The whole point in having a first edition is to have a copy from before the book was famous. By the time The Iliad was published in English, it was already centuries old. At best, she has a very old printing of an even older book, not the first edition in any meaningful sense.

    2. Justin, Not sure I’m buying that’s what they were going for in this. Also, they could have used a ton of other books which would be unambiguous first editions, (Catcher in the Rye, Any Hemingway, Hell, even a Mark Twain) which would be a lot more effective.

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