Nativist Idiots Mistake Latin for Spanish, Totally Lose Their Shit

From Gawker:

Last month, a Vermont lawmaker introduced a bill to give his state a Latin motto (“Stella quarta decima fulgeat”) in addition to its official one, the suggestion of a middle school student studying the ancient language. Pretty cute, right?

It was, at least, until a local news station asked its viewers what they thought about the proposal, asking on Facebook, “Should Vermont have an official Latin motto?” You can probably guess what happened next:


  1. It’s a conceivable misunderstanding. If not “Latino”, they may have been thinking “Latin-America”, which is south of the border. No surprise that none of them complained about the motto possibly being in Portuguese though.

  2. I show my prejudice by thinking that people this stupid are from the south. Goes to show there are brain-dead, incredibly stupid people all over.

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