Jesus Found in Bird Shit

Actually, I think this one might be real. It’s at least a split between this one and when he appeared on a dog’s ass.

A mum was astonished after she spotted the perfectly-formed face of Jesus – in a BIRD POO.

Amused Claudia Cooper, 43, was returning to her car when she saw the instantly-recognisable image of Christ.

The smear on the front window of her White BMW 2 looks exactly like the son of God and the family are hoping it brings them good luck.

For more shitty Jesus appearances, go here.


  1. “perfectly-formed face”?

    Remind me not to employ this woman as a pediatrician.

    “Hi, doctor, I’m worried about my son.”
    “That’s normal. He’s perfect.”
    “You don’t think this growth is unusual?”
    “Looks fine.”

  2. Looks more like The Ice King,


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