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I couldn’t care less about today’s superbowl. I gave up watching sports years ago and don’t miss it. I don’t even think I can name more than two players on the Boston Patriotic’s team. (Tom Brady and Greck? Dunno. Don’t care. Doesn’t affect me at all.) But, I am on board when it comes to party foods.

I currently have a pork butt cooking in the slow cooker on a bed of onions, garlic, chicken stock and some sriracha thrown on top for good measure.

I’ll shred it later, reduce the braising liquid to a rich sauce and live off of shredded pork sandwiches, tacos, quesadillas, etc for the rest of the week. Maybe some guacamole tonight with a margarita to catch up on Downton Abbey. A perfect superbowl sunday for me.

What are you doing or making?


  1. Watching a few more episodes of Orange Is the New Black before I head out to eat my friends’ food and drink their booze. I have a Mark Twain book with me in case I lose total interest in the game.

    I expect to see some kids today whom I fascinated last year with a one-hand-clapping party trick. Their mother tells me they’ve been trying to do it all year.

      1. I had a couple sick days this week, so I finally powered through season 1. I’m now well into season 2, on the storyline about Piper’s stupid furlough. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a protagonist I gave fewer shits about.

      2. The best part about season 2 is Jason Biggs gets far less air time (or I’ve blocked the memories) and Piper is a little less in the foreground. The supporting cast is far more riveting. The actress who plays Crazy Eyes is amazing.

  2. Just got back from brunch where a few bloody marys were consumed. ..Making corn chowder and grilled cheese for dinner. Then to watch Downton Abbey and finish up season two of Peaky Blinders

  3. Since the Seahawks are doing well this year I’ll allow them to grace my TV screen. Planning to make Chef John’s latest wing recipe again–have you tried them yet?

    1. The honey sriracha? Yes, they were good. I did them twice and on the second go put in a little less sriracha then honey. The heat was fine but with the rice vinegar and sesame oil it was a bit too acidic for my taste which is why I cut it a bit the 2nd try.

  4. Yeah, they did some very sensible shifting of priorities for season 2. I don’t care about Chapman’s dumb problems, but it’s a strong ensemble with some amazing standouts, like Crazy Eyes.

    1. Actually, the entire supporting cast is outstanding. You’re right. It’s one of the few tv shows that comes to a screeching halt when the protagonist is on. I don’t think that Taylor Schilling does a bad job either. Just the character is boring.

  5. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the hand-egg contest either. I’m just throwing some Buffalo wings in the oven, but I’ll be watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Amazon Prime.

  6. I drove around for a good hour one town over looking for any open restaurant this afternoon. “Closing Early Due to Superbowl”. Really?

    Settled into a booth in a Mexican restaurant that demanded to take our orders a minute after we sat down. We need a bit of time to look at the menu, we said. Sorry, we are closing in 30 minutes. Superbowl Sunday, you know…

    Fish tacos. Paid early so they could close out the cash register and tipped well so they let us park at the table a bit so I could catch up with an out of town friend.

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