Christian Blogger Claims to Be Under Attack By Satan for Refusing to Wear Leggings

I saw this story pop up in the news when she first decided to not wear leggings but didn’t bother linking to it. She can wear whatever she wants of course but her reasoning is very Talibanish. Now she’s claiming that she’s under attack by Satan:

A Christian blogger under fire for saying women who wear leggings inadvertently risk tempting members of the opposite sex, says that she and her husband are under attack from Satan.

Oregon resident Veronica Partridge, 25, sparked a firestorm of criticism earlier this month when she said she had chosen to stop wearing leggings as pants in public to honor her Christian faith in a candid blog post that went viral.

While supporters have praised the married mother of one for promoting modesty, her Facebook page has been flooded with criticism from people who say that her post promotes gender stereotypes and sexism.

“I’ve had a lot of both positive and negative responses, probably more negative than positive … it’s definitely not what I was expecting,” Partridge told The Christian Post exclusively.

In her 500-word blog post, Partridge, who prides herself on having “your not-so-average Christian family,” shared that she made the decision to stop wearing leggings in public two months ago after having an honest conversation with her husband Dale. He admitted to her that for him it is “hard not to look” at other women in leggings.

For her, Dale’s admission validated her realization that skin tight stretch pants “may cause [men] to think lustful thoughts,” as is stated in her blog.

“I think my husband is happy and supportive of my decision, but because of the [media attention] I think that we’re under attack from Satan. We’re getting a lot of negativity,” she said. “But we’re staying strong and praying with one another and reading our bible. I think it’s brought us closer together.”

Any opinion that is contrary to yours is of course inspired by Satan. Religious fundamentalists have lives where everything is simplistic and either good or evil. Perhaps they need to read some other book besides the bible.