Unity Rallies For France Terror Victims

The Big Picture has some wonderful pictues, as always, from the rally in France:

A crowd estimated to be between one to three million people marched in Paris to remember the victims of a series of terror attacks which claimed the lives of 17 people. The Paris march was said to rival crowds that turned out for the liberation of France after WWII. Other rallies throughout France drew massive crowds as well.

Indiana Couple Arrested After Filming Baby Putting Gun in Mouth

From The Guardian which has the disturbing video:

Police in Evansville, Indiana, arrested the the mother of a one-year-old baby and her boyfriend after they discovered a video of the child playing with a 40-caliber handgun, police said in a statement.

Police found the video on a cellphone owned by Michael Barnes, a 19-year-old robbery suspect who was arrested on Thursday night after selling a handgun to an undercover officer. Police said they searched Barnes’ phone after his arrest and found the video, which shows the child playing with the weapon. The boy is seen putting the muzzle in his mouth as Barnes instructs the child to say “pow”.

Police said they determined that Barnes’ girlfriend, Toni Wilson, 22, was present while Barnes filmed the boy playing with the gun. Police said that when they questioned the woman on Friday, she claimed the weapon shown in the video was a pellet gun.

Iranian Blogger Soheil Arabi To Be Executed For Posting ‘Insults’ On Facebook

From The Huffington Post:

A man in Iran has been sentenced to death for “insulting the prophet of Islam” on Facebook.

Soheil Arabi, a 30-year-old blogger, was convicted in August after admitting posting “offensive” material on eight Facebook pages, under different names, including one titled ‘the generation that no longer wants to be the burnt generation’.

Arabi admitted posting the material but said that he wrote it “in poor psychological condition” according to the International Campaign for Human Rights In Iran.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch said that Arabi now faces “imminent execution” by hanging after the Supreme Court upheld the sentence.

And since we’re on the subject of blasphemy: Greek blogger sentenced to 10-month prison for insulting religion:

An Athens court sentenced blogger Filippos Loizos to ten months prison suspended for 3 years, after found him guilty of “insulting religion”. The blogger was known as Elder Pastitsios, who was making fun of the almost mythical monk Elder Paisios.

Philippos Loizos, 27, was arrested in September 2012 on charges of “malicious blasphemy and insulting religion” through Facebook. The arrest came “after thousands of e-complains from residents of different countries of the world”, so the police press release. The 27-year-old had created a page on Facebook named “Geron Pastitsios” (Elder Pastitsios), an mock name for Greek Athos monk, Elder Paisios (1924-1994), famous about his prophecies on Greece, the Greek nation and the Orthodox Christianity.