Maher, Salman Rushdie on Islam: ‘When There’s This Many Bad Apples,’ Orchard’s Rotten

From Mediaite:

Maher went down a line of terrorist attacks since 9/11, and both he and Rushdie agreed this is more than a “mutation” in the Muslim religion. Maher brought up his infamous debate with Ben Affleck, wherein Sam Harris called Islam “the motherlode of bad ideas,” and Maher claimed, “The terrorists and the mainstream share a lot of these bad ideas.”

Rushdie was personally bothered by the “I’m for free speech, but…” brigade, coming out in defense of Charlie Hebdo… sort of. He told Maher the West must not “give a fucking inch” when it comes to free expression and standing against such radicalism. Besides, he asked, “what would a respectful political cartoon look like?”