Open Carry Gun Nuts Get Kicked out of Chilis and Sonic

(via Joe My God)


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  1. Mike K,

    Wow, they give dumbass rednecks a bad name.
    How is this legal? And how could a machine gun fall under an open carry permit? Could they walk into a bank and brandish their weapons like that?

    I’d like to shake the hand of that girl that called them “Texas Retards.”
    They aren’t exercising their rights, they’re being intentionally annoying.

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  2. Jonathan,

    I believe in the right to bare arms… its just too hot here in summer to wear long sleeves.

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  3. Tanya,

    So what is their point exactly? That gun ownership also allows you to be a ridiculous asshole? I feel sorry for that wee infant considering the gene pool. They are all concerned about their “rights” without considering the right of a proprietor to refuse service to armed, batshit, wingnuts that scare the shit out their other patrons. It truly begs the question “what’s your fucking damage?”

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  4. Rights?
    Well yes, the Second Amendment…. Arguably the second amendment is invalid because it was created by a bunch of terrorists.
    We pick and choose what we consider to be inviolable law. The right to bear arms is linked in the amendment to ‘a well regulated militia’, and yet the definition of a militia, and of well-regulated is pretty nebulous.
    But I’d expect a ‘well-regulated militia’ to have regular training sessions, officers etc. And I doubt these muppets fit that definition. What they’re exercising is their rights to be offensive to others.
    And of course, the First amendment protects that.

    What, I ask, is their point? What are they trying to say?

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