1. It could be. Did you like the new Star Trek movies? I thought he did a decent job with those. I mean, you’re never going to be a kid watching Star Wars for the first time again. Your perspective is different, movies are different, and the world is different. You probably won’t like it as much as the originals, but some kid today will. It’s impossible that the cast and crew don’t know that the three prequels were terrible, and I want to believe that they’re seeking to right those wrongs.

  2. As long as George isn’t writing the dialog it has a chance.

    It will be tough for me as someone who read most of the EU books to not see that sort of content, they’ve never been much for alternate universe. Looks like with JJ directing it is going to be sort of a reboot.

  3. They already have Carrie Fisher to act in it. Get her to write it, and I’m sold.

    Holy shit, I was kidding, but now all I want in the world is a Carrie-Fisher-written Star Wars movie.

  4. If I was going off what I know about JJ Abrams, I’d think it was going to be awful, but I have read some encouraging things. Supposedly they want it to feel as if it was made at the same time as the original trilogy. Going to so far as to shoot it on film and having a very large budget for models.

    Of course, the problem with having it feel like it was made in the 80s is that there’s only one woman in the core cast…

  5. ACT ONE, SCENE ONE… The camera pans across a dark bedroom to a sleeping figure who suddenly sits upright, alarmed and sweating. “I just had the stupidest dream about a young Anakin Skywalker, clone armies, and Jedi slaughter!” Problem solved.

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