Improv Everywhere Ends up in Handcuffs

From Mashable:

An Improv Everywhere prank at a Manhattan Gap store earlier this month featured some unexpected players after a manager called police to report a flash mob.

Participants entered the store’s Fifth Avenue location wearing white Morphsuits underneath Gap-style clothing to imitate mannequins. All 40 people were instructed to zip up the suits at a pre-determined time, and pose next to real mannequins for about five to 10 minutes before leaving the shop. Gap patrons and employees appeared to be amused by the hijinks, but before the prank was completed, the police arrived and began handcuffing participants.

“We were very surprised at the response,” Improv Everywhere founder Charlie Todd told Mashable. “It was distressing to see these people who were just helping me out down on the floor in handcuffs.”

Some participants saw what was happening, and managed to leave the store unnoticed after unzipping their suits. However, 20 people, including Todd — who did not pose as a mannequin, but identified himself as the organizer — ended up handcuffed on the store’s tiled floor.