1. Its always odd trying to get the meaning of a piece of art, because what I take from it is often so different from what the artist intended.

    This is one of those rare occasions where I could see exactly what Hughes was trying to say.

    That aside, I wish he would talk about the conspiracy theory of Buellers Day Off. Personally, I think it’s nuts, but it’s really fun to think about, it goes like this:
    Cameron is a completely withdrawn kid, mentally abused by his parents and friendless at school. He invents a made up best friend, Ferris Bueller. If you think about all the scenes with the teachers and the school, they could just be daydreaming parts of Cameron, fantasizing about having a real human connection. Day Off is really just the sad story of a neglected kid who stole his fathers car for the day, had a mental breakdown, and drove it out the back of his fathers garage. The last scene is Cameron fantasizing about having a life where everything ends up perfect, no matter what you did. Oh, and the principal gets humiliated repeatedly.

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