1. If I had never seen scrambled eggs before, I don’t think there would be any way I would be able to screw up the courage to try them.

  2. Cow’s milk. Really, just like the scrambled eggs comment above if I hadn’t been drinking it my whole life there’s no way I’d start now. “Here, drink this white fluid I just squeezed from a cow’s utter.”

  3. Raw oysters on the half shell. I grew up eating the bounty of the Gulf of Mexico, but inlanders think raw oysters are a burden to be swallowed whole. Hell no, chew them to release the delights of the sea.

    I grew up eating coquinas and other clams raw right off the beach at San Luis pass.

  4. Being French, I could go for the easy answer : snails. Of course, you really just taste the garlic butter, but I love it.

    However, I am not sure I can say that food can be disgusted looking and tasteful at the same time. Either I already know the taste and I can’t dissociate it from the look, or I don’t but I have already tasted too many different types of food to judge.

    So for me, the most disgusting food is more linked to its source (like brain for example which I only tried once but do not wish to taste again) but not it’s look.

  5. Hummus made with pink beans. It looks like dried cat vomit.

    Also – matzoh brei is so damn nasty and tastes as bad as it looks. GROSS. Most Passover foods are nasty as hell. It’s the reason I always hated the hell out of that holiday.

  6. The burritos as BIG AS YOUR HEAD at Taco & Burrito Express next door to the Kingston Mines in Chicago. At 3 in the morning, after a night of live blues, these bad boys may not look like they’ll hold together, but they’re ALWAYS good. {Insert Homer Simpson drool here.}

  7. Whole lobster.

    Imagine how hungry was the first person who tried eating a giant water spider that could snip off his fingers.

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