Passenger Tells Female Pilot That Cockpit Is “No Place For A Woman”

From Consumerist:

Of all the things that airline passengers should care about — schedules, airfares, fees, delays, weather, that guy across the row from you who refuses to put his shoes back on — one thing that shouldn’t matter at all is the pilot’s gender, as I’m pretty sure the Y chromosome contains no special aviation-related genetic information. And even if you do think that only brawny men named Rex or Ace should be flying your airplane, what is the point of leaving a nutty, angry note when your pilot happens to be a woman?

And yet a passenger on board a WestJet flight from Calgary to Victoria, BC, felt compelled to do just that, putting pen to napkin and expressing an anger so outdated that it would embarrass a caveman.

“The cockpit of an airliner is no place for a woman,” it reads. “A woman being a mother is the most honor, not as ‘captain.’”

Cronut Creator’s New Dessert

It’s actually kind of a nightmare dessert for people like me who hate getting crumbs in their milk:

Soon after announcing that he’d be bringing his mania-inducing Cronuts to Austin’s SXSW, the NYC pastry chef has revealed via Instagram his latest dessert creation which he’ll debut at the festival: Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots. Reps from Dominique Ansel Bakery tell Eater about the inspiration for the dessert — a chocolate cookie “glass” containing a “shot” of milk — came after Ansel tried his first Oreo “a few weeks ago” and was encouraged to eat it with milk, which is not “a natural combination in French culture.”