• Dale

    Weird. So much care for something so destructive.

  • McGee

    This will be perfect to show my students after we read the book “Hiroshima.”

  • Furnace

    Watching this actually gave me a weird feeling in my stomach.

  • James

    That video was the bomb.

  • My father was taken prisoner at the fall of Singapore in 1942. His good friend was shipped by the Japanese to Nagasaki, and was used as a prisoner-of-war slave- labourer at the Mitsubishi Yards.
    He talked to me about it.

    They were a mile or so from the epicentre, most, but not all of the p.o.w s survived.

  • Glen

    I’ve always felt the peoples of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have preferred to have been fire-bombed in the fashion of Dresden.

  • Simon27

    Awesome, informative, etc. Nitpick- shots from different angles are stitched together. Which is fine, but it’s not “unedited”, by definition?