• Curious

    That’s a good one; wouldn’t have guessed it. This one isn’t quite as good: a Boeing 737-800W gets 70 MPG (per passenger).

  • Justin

    Well, there went two hours my company will never get back.

  • Mike K

    Mick Jagger will become a great-grandfather this year. It sounds like a joke, but it’s true.

  • incredulous

    Russia is bigger than Pluto. (But Pluto has more gays, according to Putin.)

  • FlamingAtheist

    The tenth US President John Tyler still has two living grandsons. That is freaky.

    • Pinkerton

      That was mine too.

  • rob-ert

    DISTANCE CONTRACTION formula DISTANCE = Distance times the square root of (1 minus “Velocity squared” divided by “Speed of Light squared” )