Journalists at Sochi are Live-Tweeting Hotel Experiences

From The Washington Post:

Amid continued debate over whether or not Sochi is prepared to host the 2014 Olympics (here are 15 alarming signs that Russia might not be ready) reporters from around the world are starting to check into local hotels — to their apparent grief. Some journalists arriving in Sochi are describing appalling conditions in the housing there, where only six of nine media hotels are ready for guests. Hotels are still under construction. Water, if it’s running, isn’t drinkable. One German photographer told the AP over the weekend that his hotel still had stray dogs and construction workers wandering in and out of rooms.


  1. You’d think journalists would be used to traveling to countries less developed than their own. What a bunch of whiny bitches. It’s Russia, take a shot of vodka and suck it up.

    1. Except….billions of dollars have been spent on this debacle (most of which obviously went into the pockets of the ultra-corrupt).

      This is just further proof what a truly horrible country Russia is. It’s had the worst leadership for centuries. They’ve always only pretended at being a superpower, because they’re inept, in every way. A Tchaikovsky here and a Chekov there don’t make up for their enormous crapitude.

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