1. Interesting. That explains a lot of why the posts seem to play musical chairs after going live. Facebook needs to take a lesson from MySpace: on the Internet, there’s no such thing as “too big to fail.” As soon as Facebook frustrates enough users, Google+ is just waiting for them to pass over the social media torch.

  2. honestly, this sounds like sour grapes. I get the frustration but take some responsibility for pointing everyone there and building up Facebook

    Users built facebook and should’ve known at some point, when they’re hooked on facebook, that it would be sold back to them.

  3. I’m still rather amazed at the stat claiming that the average Facebook user has 300 “friends”. I’m hardly a hermit and I like to think I have fairly decent interpersonal skills but I’ll be damned if I can think of 200 people I would be comfortable with calling my “friend”. I mean, that’s a hell of a lot of Birthday and Christmas cards!

    1. I recently became Facebook “friends” with a distant cousin I’ve never met and had never heard of, so I can believe it. I had to consult a family tree to figure out exactly how we were related.

      1. Or it’s what I call “Friend Hoarders”, people that feel a need to gain as many FB friends as possible. When a friend of mine got 990 FB friends she put up posts about every half hour saying, “come on, people, only 10 more friends and I’ll have 1,000. Try to get someone on your Friends List to send me a request so I can hit the 1,000 mark.” Sounds to me like an insecure need for approval, but what do I know, right?

  4. I gave up on Facebook when I started seeing things like “Like us on Facebook and get this coupon”. Paying people to say they like you is like being the most pathetic loser in high school.

  5. The interesting thing about FB from a developer standpoint is how flexible and utilization-friendly it can be. Creating Pages with App’s for company profiles is really interesting when you delve into the API and interact with the site’s functionality.

    Other than that I have no real use for it other than stroking my ego.

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