Leo’s Diner in Harvard Square Closed

Shit. I just heard about this the other day. One of my favorite lunch counters of all time:

It might be Ben Affleck’s favorite burger joint, but after 32 years, the unassuming Leo’s Place Diner at 35 JFK St. is leaving Harvard Square.

For more than three decades, Watertown brothers Richie and Raffi Bezjian have served everything from burgers to breakfast food to everyone from the local mailman to the local rock star. On Sunday, Dec. 29, the brothers said goodbye to three decades worth of devoted customers and boarded up their storefront after their lease ran out. They were unable to get it renewed, they said.

“We did the best we could to serve the community,” Richie Bezjian said. “We’ve owned it for 32 years, and we really had no reason to leave. It wasn’t just about the food, it was about the community.”

Richie Bezjian said they called the building’s property manager, but never heard a response. Reenie McCarthy, a manager at Mayhaw LLC, the company that owns the building, said she thought the lease had just never been renewed.

Fore-edge Painting

This is really cool:

It’s very possible that one of your battered old books contains an amazing secret called a “fore-edge painting,” which is an illustration that is hidden on the edge of the pages of the book. The technique allegedly dates back to the 1650s.

You can see the painting by bending together the pages of the book, just so you can see a small piece of each page.

Al Qaeda Has Taken Fallujah

Mission Accomplished!

BAGHDAD – Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Sunday ruled out a military assault on Fallujah, saying he wanted to spare the city more carnage and give Sunni Muslim tribesmen time to expel al Qaeda-linked fighters.

“We want to end the presence of those militants without any bloodshed because the people of Fallujah have suffered a lot,” he told Reuters in an interview in Baghdad, referring to the devastating assaults by U.S. forces to evict insurgents in 2004.

Fighters of the al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, and their tribal allies took over Fallujah and parts of the nearby city of Ramadi nearly two weeks ago at a time of Sunni anger with the Shiite-led government, stirred by a bloody raid to arrest a Sunni politician in Ramadi.

Maliki said he had reassured fearful residents of Fallujah that the army would not attack, but told them that they must take the city back from the militants who overran it on Jan. 1.

“There is a good response from Fallujah’s sons and tribes,” the Iraqi leader said. “We do not care how long this takes.”

Kit Kats are Big in Japan

The first Kit Kat store is opening in Japan.

Japan is famous for its Kit Kats. The country has a slew of unique flavors that simply aren’t available elsewhere. On this month, it will get the first Kit Kat specialty store on Earth.

Called Kit Kat Chocolatory, the store will open on January 17 at the Seibu Department Store in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro. It will be located in Seibu’s basement, along with the department store’s other food sellers (In Japanese department stores, the basement is typically home to amazing and delicious food vendors.)