Jewish photographer captures moment he revealed his religion to Hitler henchman Goebbels

From The Daily Mail:

Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels was cheerful and without a care when he first met photographer Alfed Eisenstaedt.

In a close-up image the Third Reich politician was caught off guard smiling at the League of Nations meeting in Geneva in September 1933.

But when Goebbels found out LIFE magazine photographer Mr Eisenstaedt was Jewish his expression was quite different.

  • damnedyankee

    Ah, Joseph. You almost make me hope there’s a Hell, and that you’re somewhere down there on a kebab stick…

  • Erich Schrempp

    In a similar vein, check out Arnold Newman’s photo of Nazi arms mogul Alfred Krupp. Pretty much the same scenario, and not exactly a flattering portrayal. (And yes, if you own a Krupp coffeemaker, same company)

  • Mike K

    Jeez, does that guy look like an evil villain, or what? He’d fit right in with an Indiana Jones movie.