No charges after man pulls gun on ‘b*tch’ with disabled kid over Walmart parking delay

From Raw Story:

Police in Colorado say that an Aurora man will not be charged after he admitted pulling his gun on a woman with four children — including a disabled child — because she was taking too long to park her car.

Shakia Bush told KMGH-TV that she was waiting for a handicap parking space at a local Walmart recently and a man behind her started honking his horn.

When she got out to tell him to go around because she was waiting for the handicap space, she said that he started yelling obscenities and pulled out a gun.

“He showed it to me in the air, then held it to his chest and said, ‘B****, I have a gun. I will shoot your a**,’” she recalled. “My 10-year old son was saying ‘Mommy, he’s going to shoot you. I don’t want him to shoot you.’”

Bush said that she screamed that the man was “pulling a gun on a woman” before writing down his license plate number and calling 911.

“That’s when he got back into his car and took off,” she said.

Police identified the suspect as Justin West. But in an interview, he insisted that he had pulled the gun because he thought “people were going to jump out and attack him.”

According to his version of events, he told Bush, “I have a gun and will defend myself.”


  1. No jail? Not even probation? I can’t believe they didn’t at least pull his carry permit (assuming he had one). “I have a gun and will defend myself.” He’s trying awfully hard to blur the line between “stand your ground” and “I’m an asshole with a gun.”

  2. This is complete bullshit. I mean, I believe it happened, but it’s bullshit that the guy wasn’t charged with anything. I live in Colorado and we don’t have any kind of “stand your ground” law. There’s no legal reasoning why he shouldn’t be held accountable.

    1. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt – and the idea of a “presumption of innocence”.

      The fact that one of the children is allegedly “disabled” means nothing. Even the word ‘disabled’ is vague and could mean anything. It certainly has no bearing on what happened. Likewise the supposed quote from the child is without proof.

      The fact that we know to be true is two people argued. One showed his gun.

      Party A says that party B brandished the gun as a threat (while pointing the gun at himself) – clearly illegal if that is the truth and it can be proven.

      Party B says he felt threatened and showed them his gun, making a point not to point the gun in the other party’s direction. Party B claims he did so as to prevent the argument from escalating. Equally clearly legal.

      You automatically assume the man is telling the lie and the woman is telling the truth. You don’t know that and there is extra info purposely included to help make you come to that decision.

      1. Disagree. Even if the woman stormed out of her car in a shouting rage, the guy is still in the safety of a vehicle with door locks. He’s the one who escalated the situation by presenting a gun, which carries with it the implication that he’s willing to take a life in the situation. She approached him on foot wanting to have a conversation (be it a calm one or an angry one, it makes no difference) and he approached the situation clearly communicating that he was willing to kill her. Can you appreciate the horrible imbalance there?

        I agree that the presence of kids makes no legal difference, and that the emotional states of the two people aren’t known, and so on, but all that falls into missing the forest for the trees. The US is a society in which one private citizen can implicitly threaten another with deadly force and face no punishment. In the 5 years I’ve lived outside the US, it’s been eye-opening to view US gun culture through non-American eyes. All I can say is that most non-Americans I’ve discussed it with view our gun fascination with a mix of disbelief and derision. They laugh at the childishness of it. I like living in a place with single-digit gun-related deaths each year. It’s a good feeling that America refuses to allow itself.

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