Teen Drunkenly Kills Four People, Gets Probation Because He’s Rich


A 16-year-old who went on a drunken night of debauchery that ended with four innocent bystanders dead and two of his friends seriously injured got probation for his crimes. A judge decided that because the boy was rich, he didn’t know he would get in trouble.

Ethan Couch admitted to all of his crimes. He and seven of his friends stole alcohol from a Walmart, got wasted and piled into Couch’s pick-up truck. After speeding along at 70 miles an hour in a 40 mph speed limit zone, he struck and killed four pedestrians who were standing by their cars on the side of the road. Two of his friends, who were riding in the bed of his truck, were thrown from the vehicle and critically injured. One remains in the hospital with severe brain damage. Nine other bystanders were also injured. At the time of the wreck, Couch’s blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit.

How a person goes from all that damage and winds up with 10 years of probation is an odd story.

Prosecutors were hoping to send Couch to jail for up to 20 years, but the defense made the case for why Couch should be let go with just an ankle bracelet and a court order to go to rehab for a while. Their main line of argument was that Couch was actually a victim too. His parents enjoyed a life of wealth and privilege and due to that never bothered to teach Couch that actions had consequences, an expert brought in to defend Couch dubbed the condition “affluenza.”


  1. I think this sentence is the opposite of teaching someone that “actions had consequences.” Whatever happened to “ignorance of the law is no excuse”? If he’s a minor and the excuse is that his parents never taught him that “actions had consequences”, shouldn’t his parents be held responsible? Oh wait, they’re rich too. They’re victims as well. This judge must know the one that gave a teacher 30 days for raping a student.

    1. I think this sentence is the opposite of teaching someone that “actions had consequences.”

      “He has never learned that everyone is responsible for their own actions, therefore he cannot be held responsible for his own actions.”

  2. Reminds me of a particular incident that happened when I was in college.

    Note: this actually happened,

    Picture a neighborhood in every college town called Greek Row.
    The place that has all the frats and sorority houses. They drink and party all weekend (because that’s what they do with their parents money), and leave their empties behind the “House” with the rest of the recycling. This happens to be a state with a state enforced bottle bill where every empty soda can or beer bottle is worth $0.05.

    Anyway, long story short, a lot of bums make a living harvesting the leavings of these drunken frat-brats. My last year at college one of these bums was shot, with a real rifle (not a bb gun or an air rifle, but a .22 long rifle) by a frat boy who thought it would be funny.

    Recap, he thought it was funny to shoot another human being with a gun while he was trying to scavenge the stuff he was throwing away anyway.

    Guess what, rich parents, and probation.

  3. The seventh richest woman in the world (Jaqueline Mars) recently “fell asleep at the wheel” crossed the center line and hit a minivan filled with people. One person died at the scene and a 7 month pregnant lady lost her baby as result. Her punishment, a 6 month suspended license and a $2500 fine.

  4. It’s not that he’s rich, it’s that he’s alpha and socially affluent. Fate looks kindly on badboys.

    Think of how much prime pussy is waiting to console him because two of his friends are in the hospital because of his own actions (including the girlfriends of the injured). How many prime max-fertile females are there to tell him “everything happens for a reason”. There are pallets of pussy soaking wet for this badboy.

    smittypap: lol, female judge, proves my point. Badboy had her charmed.

  5. Wow, this makes me feel really queasy.
    I don’t get how a judge could rule this way. All its done is taught the boy that you can get away with almost anything if you have money. I would be surprised if he did not reoffend again in some manner.

    1. That may be what the judge is aiming for — that the little sh*t won’t be able to keep his nose clean for 10 years and will end up with a longer stint in the pokey than he would if charged for this crime as a juvenile.

      But that’s probably wishful thinking on my part. Rich brats don’t suffer consequences of their actions; only their victims do.

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