1. I will say I’m impressed with the control… especially on the landing. Against a huge, open sky, it must be really hard to judge distance and speed, especially if your brain starts playing tricks based on what it knows about real planes in the sky. Plus, a landing has to be lined up from the ground at a weird angle.

  2. I’m wondering if there’s a requirement to have a license for one that size. Really, if it crashed it could do some serious damage.

  3. There comes a point in RC planes where you may as well just buy buy a Cessna 172 for all the money you spent on this.

    Wait. You called it an RC plane, not a drone. That’s not right!

  4. Wouldn’t it be fun to fly this thing to a major airport and land it, just to freak out the air traffic controllers? “Tower, this is SAL 220. We have been miniaturized and request permission to land, over.”

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