• James

    I’m just impressed that the chainsaw started on one pull every time

    • Erich Schrempp

      Especially since it was electric in the graveyard opening.

  • Mike K

    I was hoping the car in the end would run him over. I might have.

    • Furnace

      This is what I mentioned to someone who showed this to me earlier. If a psycho dressed as the Joker is willing to shoot up a movie theater, then some idiot dressed as Jason and killing people isn’t a big leap… especially since he’s standing over a guy right when the car pulls up. I’m quite confident I would have run him down.

  • fred

    VitalyzdTv, on YouTube, is described as a “Russian dude with camera.” Have to factor that foreign factor in when trying to determine whether this is all staged: obviously, if the video were shot in the USA, the chainsaw wielder would have been gunned down by the third attempt.

  • Ribose

    Really surprised they made it through so many “attacks” with no police involvement.

  • Curious

    If this were real, someone would have shot him.

  • DJ

    Is it a “prank” if you are chasing people with a deadly weapon?

  • Kiwi Jono

    Even in NZ, someone would have called the police and the pranksters would be in serious touble.
    I don’t even find it funny – I think anyone in their right mind would run from someone chasing them with a running chainsaw!

  • McGee

    Not funny. Just dumb.

    At least those haunted elevator pranks had some supernatural elements to them, instead of some jackass in a hockey mask with a chainsaw.

  • Dale

    What’s needed here is a good guy with a chainsaw.