1. My dad was a forest fire fighter from the early ’70s until the mid ’90s. He’s got tons of stories about it, and the one that currently sticks out is the time some brilliant individual decided it was a good idea to hitch a ride in one of those bambi buckets. Surprisingly the pilot agreed.

      What’s not obvious is the pilot has a switch near his thumb that disconnects all the cables from the helicopter in case it gets snagged. One slip of the thumb…

  1. I wonder how many times the copter went back. I’d be pretty pissed to come home and find my pool drained. Not for the inconvenience, but the water to refill it isn’t free.

  2. I wonder what the net effect is of the fire extinguishing properties of water factored against the flame-fanning of helicopter rotor wash? It seems the biggest accelerant is wind, which choppers produce in great quantity.

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