1. Locks of Love would flip if she showed up there.

    Funny that one lock reached 55 feet in 25 years. I thought hair only grows about a foot a year.

    1. The lock is probably more than just one strand if she broke one off she probably just weaved it into another one. Or she has one spot on her head that grows 3 times as fast as everything else

  2. I had long hair back in my 20s and really enjoyed it. You could make it into a pillow if you needed to. All that changed the day I slammed my car door shut onto it and took one step away from the vehicle. It yanked me back and I ended up falling with my whole weight pulling on my scalp. Even passers-by took pity on me, once they stopped laughing.

  3. wait wait wait… She used to wash it 3 times a week until ‘someone’ told her that was too much, but when a doctor tells her that her neck’s collapsed and she’ll start having spasms, fuck him apparently.

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