Family Rescued In Pacific After Sailing ‘Where God Led Us’

This would be a funny story if these two idiots didn’t take their kids along.

A leap of faith that sent an Arizona family bound for the South Pacific in a sailboat has returned them in an airplane after a harrowing ordeal at sea that saw them adrift and nearly out of food in one of the remotest stretches of ocean on the planet.

Hannah Gastonguay, 26, and her husband, Sean, 30, were fed up with abortion, homosexuality, taxes and the “state-controlled church” and so “decided to take a leap of faith and see where God led us,” she . With them were Sean’s father and the couple’s two daughters, one 3 years old and the other an infant.

A few weeks into their ultimately 91 days at sea, the Gastonguays encountered “squall after squall after squall” that damaged their boat. Originally on a heading for the archipelago nation of Kiribati near the international dateline, they changed course to the Marquesas Islands, but were unable to reach them either.

Along the way, they apparently suffered damage to their mast and, unable to set a foresail, made little westward progress.

They were down to “some juice and some honey” and whatever fish they could catch when a passing Canadian cargo ship tried to help out with supplies. But when it came alongside, it did even more damage to the tiny sailboat.

Eventually, the family was picked up by a Venezuelan fishing vessel.

“The captain said, ‘Do you know where you’re at? You’re in the middle of nowhere,’ ” Hannah Gastonguay told the AP.


  1. If, by some miracle, the system works those little girls will be in a foster home now.

    Seriously, if two adults want death by stupidity, that’s fine by me, but when kids get involved, I get angry.

    I really feel that if people are required to get a licence to drive a car or own a gun, why aren’t we making them seek authorization before they breed.

  2. I’m sure they’re already saying that a Venezuelan fishing vessel didn’t save them; God did. And the whole thing was a test of their faith, like with Job. Dumbasses. Next time, at least bring a satellite phone.

  3. I was thinking of jumping off a cliff and seeing where god takes me.
    However I’m pretty confident I already know where he will take me.

    Seriously though, they really willing to risk their childrens lives – sounds like insanity to me. Hope they get urgent psychiatric help before someone gets killed.

  4. Jeez. God didn’t even have the courtesy to send them a school of flying fish that leap into their boat like he did in Life of Pi. . .

  5. Alternate headline: Arizona Couple Discovers That God Is A Jerk

    Seriously though, take those kids away from those parents before they decide next that God is calling them to a pup tent in Death Valley.

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