1. well, A) don’t really care if Wiener sexts his junk or not; the lying well there are worse things to lie about

    B) the correct answer to Wieners specious question to a question “are you going to vote for me?” was “That depends on your answer to my question” which was completely legitimate (presuming it is true) – If city employees like teachers, et. al. would be terminated for sexting, then how does Wiener figure he should be mayor?

  2. As a tenured education worker in New York, she wouldn’t have lost her job had she done the things Weiner did. Up until a few years ago, she would have been packed off to a “rubber room” to sit and do nothing all day, collecting a full salary while waiting for a Dept. of Ed. hearing to conclude. Termination hearings for tenured teachers can take years. These days, she’d either be reassigned to an administrative office or told to stay home… all while receiving the regular paycheck.

    But yeah, it was pretty dumb of him to send pictures of his junk.

  3. ….and his attention-seeking whore of a sextingee has now done a porno.

    I guess that makes her an ACTUAL whore, not just an attention-seeking one. What a piece of stool.

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