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Quite a few Cynics seem to have visited Paris so what were your favorite restaurants?

I had a lot of good food there but I’ll give my two favorite.

Au Petit Sud Ouest This is located on ave de la Bourdonnais which is a few minutes walk from the Champs de Mars. They specialize in duck. One of the regrets of the trip is I didn’t get the foie gras to start since each table has their own toaster so you can spread your foie gras on freshly toasted bread. We did get the duck breast and duck stew in orange sauce which was très délicieux.

Le Café du Marché This is also near Champs de Mars but on rue Cler. This had a nice blend of tourists and locals and it was awesome to watch rue Cler come alive around you when you stretch into the evening and the locals head out to eat. We both had the confit de canard as recommended by Yelpers and were not disappointed. It seems like such a simple dish yet it is packed with flavor.

Oh, I’ll add one more.
Relais de l’Entrecôte It has several locations and we ate at the St. Germain one. There is no dinner menu. They only serve steak frites bathed in some kind of sauce that should be banned for being so addictive. You sit down, order your drink and how you want your steak (No, you can’t have it well done because c’est dégoûtant) and they bring out a salad, then your steak frites. Don’t fill up on bread because you get a second portion of steak frites when you’re finished. It’s probably not the most authentic Parisian restaurant experience but the food was excellent.


  1. I went by myself so I didn’t eat at any fancy restaurants. I just loaded up on breakfast at the hotel, then ate at fast food joints throughout the day.

    1. Definitely follow Chris’s advice and get a pass to skip the lines. I lost two hours standing in line to get into Notre Dame Cathedral. I’d also suggest a Metro pass that gives you free unlimited access to the subway system. Just Google “Paris Pass” and you’ll find tons of sites with different pass packages available.

      1. Follow Mike K’s advice to follow my advice for that Museum Pass. It’s so awesome.

        I didn’t get a Metro pass though. We just bought the book of 10 when we bought tickets. We used the Metro maybe twice a day. Paris really is a walking city.

  2. Not surprisingly enough it was a Bakery near the Ibis Hotel we stayed at on Avenue de Clichy. It had no name on the front, only labeled as Patisserie and Boulangerie but it was the best damn breakfast I had in Paris. We had all sorts of eclairs, baguettes, coffee’s and snacks. It was just a small quiet place that made their own stuff in the downstairs bakery area but holy crap it was so delicious.

    The worst place we ate was at a nearby restaurant to the Notre Dame. I don’t recall the name but we got sausages and chips (fries) and it just wasn’t that good at all. Definitely a tourist trap. Though I have to say that the French can do a damn good pizza!

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